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Tour: Blue Heart Shuttle edit

May 19, 2018 at 9:00am (25 mins)

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About This Tour

Kayak and SUP Shuttle to Blue Heart Springs!! Here's a unique opportunity to be shuttled up river with your kayak, sup or whatever you choose to float in. We'll drop you off cross river from Blue Heart Springs so you can enjoy the serene picturesque entry into Blue Heart, Then you can journey back down river on your own enjoying all the sights without all the upstream paddling!

Please remember this is a 1 way shuttle, you are on your own for the float back down on your own equipment. We have scenic tours available if you'd like just the boat ride :-)

Please note that a minimum of 20 paid adult travelers are required on each trip. We will do our best to combine groups and individuals when this minimum is not met. We will notify you a minimum of 24-48 hours if a schedule change is needed.

Adults x $20.00 = $0.00
Children Ages 5-12 x $20.00 = $0.00
Infants Ages 4 and under x $0.00 = $0.00