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Reservations are required. Here are some things you should know. If the cruise is labeled "call for availability", chances are we're trying to fill other cruises that already have a few people booked on them. Those cruises are close to the day/time you're looking at and we want to fill those before we open another time slot. All cruises require a minimum of 20 paid adult travelers to go. We will do our best to combine groups and individuals when this minimum is not met. We will notify you within a minimum of 24 hours if a schedule change is needed. If you can not change your schedule to match the boat availability we will refund your money, no worries.

     March 2018     
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About Online Booking

Online booking is available up to 12 hours before cruise departure time. Within 12 hours, please call the office 208-888-6611 and leave a message if no answer. We do check messages throughout the day as time permits. If you're in the area, you're always welcome to come down and see if there is room on the boat, but reservations are highly suggested being seating is very limited.

Reservation / Cancellation Policy

I agree that once the tickets/gift certificates are purchased, they are not refundable if I or any of my guests cancel. I also acknowledge that if I or any member of my party no-show the day of the cruise I am liable for the full ticket price and credits will not be issued for use on another day.

I am aware that all cruises take place in the rain and even light snow since the boat is enclosed and heated.

If cruises cannot depart due to unforecasted weather or unsafe conditions, meals will be served dockside. If cruises are cancelled in advance due to unsafe conditions a gift certificate/voucher will be given to the passenger so he/she may reschedule for another time, if you are unable to reschedule we will refund your money.

Policy Notices

Alcohol and Tobacco Policy

No outside food or beverage are permitted. Smoking of any type and vaping are prohibited on all cruises.

Due to state regulations, outside wine and alcohol are strictly forbidden. All alcohol must be purchased aboard our vessel. Have a special request? Please contact at least 7 days in advance and we'll do our best to have it on board for you.

Service Animal Policy
Yes, we allow and love service dogs, credentials are required. If your dog doesn't qualify per Idaho law, please leave them home.

January 2, 2016
“Assistance dog” means a dog that has been trained as a guide dog for a blind or visually impaired person, a hearing dog for a hearing impaired person, or a service dog for a physically disabled person.